Histogram: Mean and Median

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Directions: Move the red circles to adjust each bar in the histogram.
Explore the relationships between mean and median for different distributions.
Explore standard deviation, IQR, and skewness.

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Look for what causes differences bewteen mean and median.

Explore skewness, i.e. clump large bars to one side and look for the tail.
When is skew positive or negative?
What is the relationship between mean and median when skewed?

Look for what causes narrow or wide standard deviations.
Is the mean or the median always the center of the standard deviation?

Compare standard deviation with interquartile range (IQR).
In which cases, if any, is IQR a better representation of spread than standard deviation?

Compare the histogram with its boxplot.
Is the mean or the median marked in the boxplot?

Create a bimodal histogram and explore.
Does the relationship between mean and median always indicate the skewness?

Can you create different distributions that have similiar boxplots?